Thermal or Cold Chain Package Systems

Thermal Package example

Thermal or Cold Chain Package Systems are those containers designed to maintain a certain temperature range during the distribution process. They generally consist of an outer shipper into which a thermal barrier is inserted providing some means of mitigating temperature change within the interior container system. Often a thermal mass consisting of wet ice, dry ice, or phase change gels is inserted in order to help maintain the necessary temperature range. The function of these container systems is to ship products that may be sensitive to temperature extremes. These products include tissue-based samples, DNA testing reagents, fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a variety of other temperature sensitive products. Test procedures will typically involve preconditioning of all components at a given level followed by exposure to anticipated temperature profiles from the distribution environment. The testing functions require the ability to measure temperature within the package and at other locations, typically using thermocouples. The testing also requires the use of accurate and calibrated chambers designed to reproduce those distribution environment conditions considered to be the extremes of what might be expected. Westpak is well-equipped with the necessary facilities and expertise to conduct almost any kind of cold chain related package test.