About Us

Westpak Staff

Westpak was organized in 1986 by Walter Dunning and Herbert Schueneman in an attempt to offer high quality testing services to high-tech firms in the central California area. By concentrating on delivering the best possible customer service, Westpak now claims a client list of well over 1,000 satisfied firms, more than 50 of which are in the Fortune 500. We currently employ more than 50 professionals who consider customer service to be their highest priority.

Westpak has always believed that "Integrity is the Priceless Ingredient in Testing". It’s clear to us, and probably to the rest of the world as well, that any test can be made to reinforce any bias if the test operator is slippery enough. We fully understand that clients come to Westpak for truthful answers to their questions, even if the results are not favorable or downright undesirable. We believe that bad data is actually worse than no data. Without data, the typical designer is cautious. With bad data, that same designer is guaranteed to go the wrong direction.

Westpak Staff

We attempt to put ourselves in our client's shoes and to provide the highest quality testing possible in the most efficient fashion.

In short, we've been experts in package testing for a long time, and can't wait to start working with you.

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